Snakes in dream

Nobody likes to see snakes in real life or in dream. Depending on the dream of snakes, the meaning of the dream can be also different. Snake is a symbol of unconscious. Snakes or sneaks specify you are in the process of medicinal and resolving issues. The snakes also mean enemy. It is found that the meaning of snake is more than an enemy. A snake in dream denotes an individual who lives in a valley. A snake in a dream also symbolize the enmity from one’s in-laws or children or it also represents the evil and protectiveness of one’s neighbor. Meaning of a sleeping snakes in dream is different something and it means a sleeping enemy. As for an unfair person, if you see a water snake in a dream, then it represents receiving help, or it could signify a decision.
A snake in dream means that you are dealing with a hard situation or worrying feelings in your waking life. On the optimistic side of this dream of snake is that healing and alteration are taking place. If you see a snake in the dream, it means that it represents something what is not right in your life and it can be changeable and out of your control.

Primrose in dream

When you dreaming of a primrose and it represents that a time in the dreamer’s life which will be included by cleanliness and youth as well as energy. This is an omen of joy as well as peace. When you see a dream of primroses in the garden, then it is a sign that there is a charmed part in your life which is going to current itself as brilliant luck in the very near forthcoming. When one dreams of a primrose with an elf already inside, then it means that there will be some harm going on in your life on a cosmic level with which one must have a intelligence of humor.

Yellow snake in dream

The meaning of the yellow snake in dream may be different and you may get various meaning of the dream in different sites and book of dream interpretation. The color of the snake represents clues about how to understand its meaning of the dream. Dreaming of a yellow snake represents feelings and values related with the color yellow. Typically, the meanings of a dream about a yellow snake are related to pictures of your intelligence and intuition. There are several meanings found of the yellow snake in dream. The yellow snake means intellect and how you are using intellect to sort through tricky situations and wisdom.
Yellow snakes in dreams is also related with your intuition or your inner light, opening to new insight and consciousness. Yellow represents the color of the light of the spirit, of consciousness shining through. Dreaming of a yellow snake maybe a call to step forward and use your aptitude to purpose a situation or issues in your waking life. If the snake color is yellow and dark, then entwined, it may represent both the aware and unconscious parts of yourself and their active connections as you are going through life. Bright yellow snake represents positive feelings, happiness and expression of optimism.

Three headed cat in dream

Three headed cat is a strange animal and it does not exist in real life. However, you may see three or more head cat in dream only. A cat means an independent spirit, creativity, feminine sexuality and power. It also denotes disaster and bad luck. The dream symbol has different meaning dependent on whether you are a cat lover. The cat could specify that someone is being dishonest or unfaithful to you. If the cat is hostile, then it suggests that you are having difficulties with the feminine feature of yourself. If you fear the cat in your dream, then it suggests that you are terrible of the feminine.

Praying mantis in dream

Dreaming praying mantis represents your emotion and feelings of a person or a situation what has a total disrespect for your moods. If you are feeling that someone is purposely uncooperative. It may also imitate your spirits about a person frights you that they will never listen to you. Feeling is compulsory to face your fear. An intolerable dilemma or inevitability is the meaning of the dream. A praying mantis means that your own efforts to burden people with fear or unbearableness to get them to go absent. Tactlessly exposing others to their anxiety. You may visit the site to know more meaning.

White carnation in dream

Not many people see white carnation in dream and usually women see flower in dream. Seeing flower may be good thing but for the color flower in the dream, the meaning of the dream can be good or bad. The meaning of the white carnation in dream is honesty or joy. To see carnations in the dream represents light-heartedness, vitality and joy. It means that you have seen a nice dream. However, you can more dream interpretation book if you want to know more meanings and you will not get any bad meaning of the dream. Because, both flower and color represents good things always.

Water leaking through roof in dream

Dreaming water leaking through roof may not be good sign. There are many dream interpretation sites and book where you may get various meaning of the same dream. If there are leaks in a house roof or anywhere and water is coming in without rain, then it means grief in that house. If it is just a leak and no water, then it represents sorrow and danger the dreamer. If water runs over the walls, it specifies sadness relatives or friends. n a dream, a roof signifies a noble and a well-respected woman or man. If anyone sees himself running on top of a roof in a dream, it means that he will be struck with a disaster. Sitting on top of a roof in a dream throughout the summertime means comfort, dismissing aggravations, recovering from an illness, or revealing secrets.
Dreaming Water leaking from the ceiling of a house or building may have different meaning like revealing of your body being dehydrated. This is common mainly if you were drinking alcohol the night before. An oil leak is a warning of anemia. Anemia is a lack or red blood cells in the body. However, you may find more meanings of this dream in different sites and books.

Snake around neck in dream

Not many people like to see dream of snake around neck in dream and not like to see in dream. In Hindu tradition, Siva wears a snake around his neck and in Hindu culture it represents of the control of dark forces and attraction. It also represents the power of kundalini, the life force. Meaning of the Snake can be different to different. Color of the snakes may change the meaning of the dream. However, as snake represents enemy and snake around your neck, then it means that enemy is near you. Do not look meaning of the dream always.

Yellow carnations in dream

Seeing yellow carnations in dream may have both positive and negative meanings. It is uncommon dream for many people. Not many people see yellow carnations in dream. Seeing Carnation in dream have different meanings and it is based on many things. Yellow carnation means problems in the friendship. Usually, men do not see carnation in dream. In Europe, if anyone sees yellow carination, then it means that he will be morose. Seeing yellow carnations in dream also mean disappointing. Dreaming yellow carnations has also meaning positive like yellow-flowered saffron is highly respected. You may see dream interpretation book to know more meaning.

Types of bears in dream

You may see different animals in your dream and it is a common thing. Dreaming bears may be a common thing but seeing different types of bears. If you are psychologically attached with different types of bear, then you are in this profession. If you see sleeping bear or something else, then the meaning of the dream can be different. However, dreaming a big bear means that you have a get luck. In the Western culture, the dream of a bear is a sign of quarreling with friends. In the Eastern tradition, the dream of a bear means chatter. Someone is talking about you overdue your back.