Dogs in dream

The meaning of dogs in dream can be different and the meaning of dog also varies according to the dream. Dog or Dogs in dream may have different meaning and to do with the basic instinct towards friendship, devotion, and defense. The dream of black dog may have different meaning. Seeing black dog in dream means the shadow feature of a friend. The dark side of someone close to you is being bared and you can see through to their true intents. The dream dog may also signify that someone in your life who shows these abilities. Otherwise, to see a dog in your dream shows a talent that you may have unnoticed or forgotten. To dream that you are nourishing a dog indicates that you are promoting an old ability or talent.
Having a dream of a chasing dog means that you are attracting someone’s faithfulness for granted. The dreaming of dog may also be like your tendency of barking orders at people, instead of requesting or talking friendly. In dream, if you see that a dog bites you on the leg, then the meaning of the dream is that you have lost your ability to balance features of your life. Someone is bitten by a dog in dream specifies a betrayal.

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