Get married to someone else in dream

It is not necessary that dream comes true always but it may be true. If some dreams come is a good sign and many people like it. Suppose, get married to someone else. If you are unmarried and if you see the dream to get married to someone else, then the same thing may happen in you real life and it can be a meaning. Meaning of a dream can be different. However, if you see dream that your husband is getting married or your wife or you, then the meaning of the dream can be also different. If you see dream that your friend is getting married, you may be concerned she is leaving you behind.
It is not necessary to get any meaning of all dream. You may see many dream what has no any meaning and making you worry evil force may show you false dream what you should not pay attention. Dreaming of marriage means something is going to happen in your life and it is not necessary that it will good or bad but you should think positive and if you get multiple meaning of any dream, then you must the good one and do not think of the dream too much.