God in dream

If you see god in dream, then evil spirit saw you this dream. You know that there is no way to see god in live or in dream. According to Islam, Saitan has ill motive to misguide you and make you atheist. You should not trust on the dream and you should ask Allah to save your trust on Allah. In various sites and books of dream interpretation, you may get different meaning of seeing God like to see God in your dream indicates that your religiousness and expression of your feelings about spirituality. God also symbolizes an unreachable, untouchable and unachievable idea of perfection. Thus, such a dream may highlight your struggles and attempts with trying to be perfect.
If you see that God talks to you, then the meaning of it is feelings of eternal punishment, guilt and damnation. If you see that you are worshipping God which means that repentance of your actions, movements, work and errors. If you see dream that God has the bluest eyes denotes to your deep and close connection with God. Through his eyes, you also see his wisdom and piety. He is your divine guide. However, you should not believe all meanings of all dreams.