Horse in dream

Horse is a sign of vigor and it is used many places. There are many things what relates to the Horse and if you see horse in dream, then the meaning of the horse can be different. You may get different meanings in different books and websites. The meaning of the horse in dream can be changed religion to religion. Meaning of horses Running, horse of either sex, ridding horse are also different. That is why, you should remind the whole dream and meaning of the partial dream can be different. Let’s check the meaning in different site and know meaning of horse.
If a horse is seen running through cities or between houses in dream, it means rains, floods and any natural disasters are upcoming. If such horses are seen with burdens it means the person seeing the dream will meet lots of people who will have met together for some happy or unhappy occasion. Meaning of Riding horse is good only on earth or in horses’ pathways. Meaning of riding on a two-winged horse is also different. If the horse is running fast but keeping step in dream, then the meaning of the things will be straight and even. Jumping horse means your desires will be fulfilled quickly and plenty is ahead.