Money in dream

Every people like money and if anyone see money in dream, then he also like to see it but meaning of see dream of money can be different and it based on many things. The meaning of the dream is also depending on the religion. However, do not conscious about the meaning of dream. Because it is not necessary that the meaning of the dream will correct or you will get similarity in the meaning of the dream. You need to remember the dream. Because you must understand the meaning of Wining money, losing money, exchanging money and thriving money etc.
Wining money in your dream shows that success and affluence is within your reach. Money characterizes self-worth, self-assurance, success or values. Money is symbol of sexuality and power. Money also indicates your mission for love or for power. If you see in dream that you steal money warns that you are in hazard. The meaning of stealing money is you are missing of love. To dream of money denotes the power to achieve goals or aim. The objectives or aim can be related with psychological, emotional, or attaining wanted skills in waking life. If you search more online, then you will get more meaning of dream.