Moon in dream

Dreaming a moon is a good sign and it is related with romance and in Hindi film, you may have seen moon many times during the romantic moment. Moon in the dream means something hidden or mysterious part of your life. It is often connected with the feminine charm and instinct. Moon in dream also symbolize changing moods. Number of moons has different meaning in dream. If you see two moons in the dream, then it means that you are being dragged in two different instructions. When you see five or more moons in dream, then it points to mass chaos or misperception happening in your life.
To see the eclipse of the moon in dream means that your girlish side is being outshined.??To see the eclipse of the moon in dream also means that some concealed aspect of yourself is going to open. Meaning of the semicircular moon in dream shows renewal, cyclic changes and movement. It means that you are developing effortlessly toward your life pathway. A full moon means??achievement and completeness, while a new moon denotes new initial stages or beginning of something. Jumping and touching the moon in dream refers to your desire. When it arises to your goals and ambitions, you aim high.

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