Owl in dream

Sign of Owl is not good in many culture and if you see owl dream is not considered good. However, it is not necessary that your dream will be true always. Culture to culture and religion to religion, the meaning of the dream or meaning of Own can be different. There are many sites and books where meaning of dream is available. The meaning of Owl is death, change, wisdom, Clairvoyance, unconscious and solitude. If you are too much aware of something and you are thinking too much about the think, then you may see such dream. The owl is seeing when you are thinking too much in your unconscious area. It is about your hidden feelings.
The owl also represents the peace and spiritual balance you need in a dark world full of foes. Owls represents the omen of arguments with the eldest of the family members. An owl signifies wisdom, spiritualism, business deals, nocturnal behavior and secrets. Dreaming of a flying owl is a good symbol. So, you should remind that what you have seen in your dream. If you have seen flying or death owl, then the meaning of the owl can be different. Sleeping owl means to give concentrate on your business now.