Pumpkins in dream

Meaning of seeing pumpkins or pumpkin in dream has many meanings. Dreaming Pumpkin is a sign of affluence and well-being, as well as kinship. In spite of the truth of that in most cases a pumpkin in the dream is a good sign but there is also bad meaning of dreaming with pumpkins vegetable. If you see dream a big or huge pumpkin, then meaning of the dream can be you will gain weight and another meaning can be you have accumulated a lot of money. If a pregnant woman see a dream of a pumpkin, then it means of good and happy childbirth. The delivery of the child will be good, and the newborn baby will be healthy and strong. If you see pumpkin in your dream at the early stages of your pregnancy, it means that a newborn child may be a girl. If a pumpkin is imagined by a young married woman, it is a sign of forthcoming pregnancy.
If you see a dream about a pumpkin, particularly cut, that is ready for the celebration of All Saints’ Day, it means a bad luck that can happen in your family. I hope you have got the meaning of the seeing pumpkins in dream and you may search more result online.