Snakes in dream

Nobody likes to see snakes in real life or in dream. Depending on the dream of snakes, the meaning of the dream can be also different. Snake is a symbol of unconscious. Snakes or sneaks specify you are in the process of medicinal and resolving issues. The snakes also mean enemy. It is found that the meaning of snake is more than an enemy. A snake in dream denotes an individual who lives in a valley. A snake in a dream also symbolize the enmity from one’s in-laws or children or it also represents the evil and protectiveness of one’s neighbor. Meaning of a sleeping snakes in dream is different something and it means a sleeping enemy. As for an unfair person, if you see a water snake in a dream, then it represents receiving help, or it could signify a decision.
A snake in dream means that you are dealing with a hard situation or worrying feelings in your waking life. On the optimistic side of this dream of snake is that healing and alteration are taking place. If you see a snake in the dream, it means that it represents something what is not right in your life and it can be changeable and out of your control.