Stones in dream

Dreaming stones have various meaning and the meaning of seeing stones can be good and bad. Dreaming stones represent eternity and toughness. In a dream, if you see stones, then it may have a huge amount of explanations. Due to seeing stones can tell that you need to show confidence and resistance or, on the contrary, that you are too rude and heartless. If you see a dream of a large stone, it means that you should visit the tombs of your friends and relatives. If you see a dream of a small sea pebbles, it potentials you a good revenue as a gift.
If a man see stones in dream, then it is a mark that he is also rude to close people. He wants to show more maintenance and care to his loved ones. Dreaming Stones represents that parents want care and help. If a child see a dream of stones or a stone, it signifies quarrels. It is like that your child will be a gathering to an argument, so, he or she may lose a good friend. Stones in a dream mean the overcoming of the difficulties in real life but it does not give any guarantee of success.