Stones monument in dream

Stones monument also represents mountain. You do not need to mention Stones monument or mountain when search for the meaning of the dream. The meaning of the dreaming Stones monument can be good and bad meaning. Meaning of the dream will change religion to religion. According to Islam, the meaning of the dream is you will be sacred by a difference, your work will be satisfied. If you see that you have a mountain in dream, then the meaning of the dream can be very good omen if you get your own memorial, this means about moral and rich life. If you see damaged mountain, then the meaning of the dream is a warning that you must be careful of hazards in your life.
The meaning of the Honor a monument is a symbol proclaims that glory and honor will come to your house, but also this opinion that you do not be so too satisfied about it. The monument in the dream is very positive symbol. This symbol announces your affluence in your life. You will be awarded because of your hard work and all the efforts that you did. Also a monument will carry you honor and esteem from other people.