Teeth falling out in dream

Falling teeth or tooth is not good sign in many cultures. In Bengali culture, the meaning of the falling teeth is death of someone but the meaning of the dream can vary on different things and matters. The meaning of the teeth falling out also means change. It has several meanings like fear of losing something important. Another meaning of the falling out teeth or tooth is mostly points to sexual suppression and the desire. Many people see dream related with the teeth and meaning of the interpretation of the dream of teeth can be different on various issues. If anyone is not mentally fit or worry about the sex life, then he or she may see Falling teeth or tooth in his or her dream.
The dream of falling teeth or tooth has positive and negative meanings. When anyone is insecure of his life, then he may see such dream. The positive meanings of the dream are symbols of personal development, wish or need to nurture physically more sensibly, a call to look at your care system, an offer to explore spirits of loss and individual growth and the Jungian explanation: Times of rejuvenation and “rebirth”. If you search online, then you will get more meaningful explanation of the dream.