Tiger lily in dream

You can see anything in dream and you may see tiger lily in your dream. However, you should not worry. Some dreams can be very beautiful and seeing tiger lily can be good. The sign of the tiger lily is other lilies in that they represent the womanly principle shiny the potentials of compassion, sympathy, sympathy and unconditional love. Lilies are related with the planet Venus. The Tiger Lily represents the more powerful features of femininity. The tiger lily in dream means that female bravery. It is a good flower for a career woman to carry in her bunch down the aisle, and its bold orange represents personal wealth and career achievement.
The detail that the tiger lily is cheerful orange also expresses of joy, output and pride. The brown marks on the flower’s petals refer to the idea of always being in touch with one’s imagination. The Tiger Lily is not as uncertain in character as the other types of flowers in the lily family as the calla lily, which represents a sober “female magnificence” and the pink lily that signifies female coquetry. Tiger lilies are very informal to grow, and once you cut rotten one bloom another one rapidly changes it.