Tsunami in dream

We know that tsunami is a powerful natural disaster and if this happen it must not be good for us. Tidal wave or massive wave in dream is also similar as tsunami. If you see anything in dream from Tidal wave or massive wave or tsunami, then you will get same meaning of the dream. However, Tidal Waves in dream mean viewing it method, either on shore, from a hill or some other near-by vantage point. Dreaming also often be convoyed by an intellect of fear or alarming. To understand Tsunami in dream, you must understand what water and the sea mean to us in dreams. If you see water in the dream as a symbol of our feelings, then tidal waves can be like our feelings welling up and receiving a little out of control.
Tidal waves in dream mean when you are under a lot of burden or pressure or when any significant change is occurring in your life. Tsunami or massive wave may happen in your dream and if you see the wave is getting bigger or closer over following nights. Tidal wave and tsunami in dream means that if we do not challenge and deal with things that are out of stability in our life, then they will challenge us first.