Water leaking through roof in dream

Dreaming water leaking through roof may not be good sign. There are many dream interpretation sites and book where you may get various meaning of the same dream. If there are leaks in a house roof or anywhere and water is coming in without rain, then it means grief in that house. If it is just a leak and no water, then it represents sorrow and danger the dreamer. If water runs over the walls, it specifies sadness relatives or friends. n a dream, a roof signifies a noble and a well-respected woman or man. If anyone sees himself running on top of a roof in a dream, it means that he will be struck with a disaster. Sitting on top of a roof in a dream throughout the summertime means comfort, dismissing aggravations, recovering from an illness, or revealing secrets.
Dreaming Water leaking from the ceiling of a house or building may have different meaning like revealing of your body being dehydrated. This is common mainly if you were drinking alcohol the night before. An oil leak is a warning of anemia. Anemia is a lack or red blood cells in the body. However, you may find more meanings of this dream in different sites and books.