White coffins in dream

Seeing Coffin in dream is not a good sign but white coffin may have different meaning. Dreaming white represents something good. The white color has a massive number of meanings and it is related with many things. Color of white is good in Europe or Arab countries but in India culture it has bad meaning too. As wedding gowns are white, so it specifies virginity, purity, cleanness or light feelings. A bright white light typically demonstrations a real and skilled inner understanding or explanation. It suggests something from your essential self-shining through to your awakening self. In the dream, white color is very threatening for the coffin. Maybe the anxieties and fear we have about illness or death are connected.
Seeing Coffin is neither good nor bad. This is closely always a reminder of one’s own humanity. So, it often points to your views and moods about death, as these are often in the related of our mind, and dreaming of a coffin advises you may be discovering how you relate to death. The coffin might also be displaying you the death of a part of yourself and it has a hope and feelings with a relationship, things lost and hidden in your earlier years.

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